A Trickle

Can be corrosive in a gentle, diminuative expression. Pleasant to listen to, waters the earth in some estoric way. Eventually leads to bigger things. Many are drawn to just a trickle out of thirst, aethetics, desperation. To be enjoyed for it's simplicity and frugality.

Location: Mississippi/Missouri/Texas/France

old lady with a kid locked inside

Friday, April 28, 2006

Appropriate Name For a Blog

My poor blog is looking like a wet/dry weather creek. Growing up in the southwest, it was common that a creek wasn't a creek until it rained. Then, it was really a torrent. We waited until after the storm passed and the sun came out before we considered the creek safe enough to explore.

It hasn't been raining in my blog country, so there's very little to trickle through my postings. Besides, it's not fun to whoop it up by yourself. I much prefer doing my writing in public communities like Wild Poetry Forums and Absolute Write Forums. So...............if you're looking for me, as kdnxdr, that's where I'll be. See....................ya.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I've Been Away

Acutally, truth be told, I just plain forgot that I even started this blog. I've attempted blogging once before but didn't get far. That's why I usually don't have pets.

Pets need constant care, even rock pets. I'm so fluttery, consistency has been a challenge. I think blogs die if they aren't contributed to on a frequent basis. They need attention. I admire people who can commit and attend to the needs of their blog.

Blogs seem to serve so many purposes. I think I would like to let the purpose of this blog develop itself, let it find it's own meaning for existence. Then, I am free to me and my blog is free to be itself and we can coexist and interact as a happening experience rather than force/coerce one another into participation.

It will be a kinda "Ohm" experience, my blog and I will become one with the universe. We will be open and transparent to existence.

We are now parting to pursue our individual state of being..................