A Trickle

Can be corrosive in a gentle, diminuative expression. Pleasant to listen to, waters the earth in some estoric way. Eventually leads to bigger things. Many are drawn to just a trickle out of thirst, aethetics, desperation. To be enjoyed for it's simplicity and frugality.

Location: Mississippi/Missouri/Texas/France

old lady with a kid locked inside

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's like moving into a new house


Yikes! Newness is so awesome! A bit overwhelming, emmotional. I want to cry or drink champagne or something.

I'm almost kinda scared to move, cause then the newness starts erroding and my skin will flake into this seemingly pristine environment and it all the excitement will settle into familiarity and my grunginess will start smudging the place and smells will start to collect and I'll settle in and start to be unhappy with all the newness there isn't. But, I'm here. And I haven't a clue what I'm here for.

I feel like I just moved out of my parent's home and the place is mine and I can do what ever I want!!! And, that scares me.

It's kinda lonely in here, just me and me and me and me........................

I think I'll hope for company, friends; I hope.

We'll there's not much in here, kinda sparse. The mat is out and the door is open.

Welcome to my humble blog!